Lee Tracy

One minute video clip from a twenty-four minute film for my 100 Tears installation

I am an artist who stays busy, lives simply, and celebrates the lovely chaos obscuring life's natural rhythm.
I wander about exploring many genres and mediums while cultivating specific themes that thread themselves through my work.

My art responds to the loss of nature, human vulnerability, the palimpsest of memory, and the preservation of my dreams (desires.) I express my concerns while being "in" the world and my contentment while being "with" the world. My art is often autobiographical, recalling my experiences through statements, metaphoric reference, and titles.

My mediums include painting, drawing, installation, bookmaking, and storytelling. Long term projects, influenced by time, are an integral part of my art practice.

Recently, I have been studying my own art-making history to discover connections and to create new meaning through a narrative of magical realism called, Story, which provides an imaginative answer to the question of why various artworks are made.

It's The Dream

It's the dream we carry
that something wondrous will happen
that it must happen
time will open
hearts will open
doors will open
spring will gush forth from the ground -
that the dream itself will open
that one morning we'll quietly drift
into a harbor we didn't know was there.

Olav H. Hauge From Borealis, translated from the Norwegian by Robert Hadin March/April 2002