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Diana Beliard (elder)
Diana Beliard (younger)
Drs. Diana and Allen Bowling
Sherry Divito
Ruth and Dr. Robert Fox
Joel Fromer
Pastor Jason Glombicki
Heidi Hough
Valerie Hoffman
Donna Janson
Rick Kronenburger and Ron Krieger
Casimir Kujawa and Reagan Hanneman
Michelle Lake
Jennifer Murphy
Cathi Schwalbe
Thomas and Alice Van Housen
Mary Wasner
Ralph Weymouth
Joni Wheat
Megan Williamson and John Crowell

Clif Bar Family Foundation
Runner Collective, Tracy Boychuk, James Hughes, Tina Ibanez, and Desiree Raywood.
The Arts Palette
Art Services Chicago
Chicago Public Schools (CPA), Mario Rossero, Helen McElroy, Robin Ryan, and Raymond Yang.