Eel River, California, USA


Poet Dirk Johnson (@dirkjohnson) travels to a favorite spot in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the Eel River.

On arriving, I headed south through the Garden Club of America Grove until I hit the river, then walked across (on the bottom, not the top). The water was as deep as it was at the beginning of June, but the current wasn’t nearly as strong. The water came up right to my crotch as it did then, but back then I could hardly step without fear that the current would knock me down. Today was a stroll.Then the cloth had to go in the river. I’m no good with cloth. I’ve been taught how to wear a Tibetan silk “zen” many times, and still can’t get the folds right. Just as well for the world: that way I can never wear a lama’s robes either and play the full role of charlatan.