The Ottawa River, Ontario, Canada


Karina Bergmans with photographs by Tiffany Teske. Karina Bergmans collaborates with others so the fabric will touch a river in the north, south, east and west regions of Canada. The rock formations are created each summer by an artist John Cepreno.

I have several ideas for this wonderful project. A local one: because it is winter right now in Canada. I am thinking of burying a piece of cloth in the snow for rest of the winter, then letting it melt out. Then in the spring I can take it to the intersection of the Rideau and Ottawa rivers (important for logging and development of this young city, the capital of Canada …only 150 years old). There is a lovely waterfall at the intersection of the rivers which would make for a good spot. The bigger idea I have (but will take more time) would be to contact an artist or two on both coasts and up north to have them agree to particiapte in the project by dipping the cloth in an area river that lets out onto the ocean. So then it encompasses this huge beautiful country and involves more people. Or it could also be a combination of both. Thank you for conceiving of this project and taking me on. It has helped me get inspired at this time of year. I also love the idea of a World project, a world community. We are all connected on this planet.

The Canadian river fabric went through a winter season in the elements.