Tassajara Creek, California, USA


Judy Shintani, artist, art facilitator, and collaborator, went on a magical retreat to the San Francisco Zen Center and cut a small square from the lining of her skirt for the ritual of dipping cloth into water.  Live in the nowhere that you came from, even though you have an address here. – Rumi

“Tassajara Creek and its mineral rich hot springs have been a destination for human use for thousands of years, first as a sacred cultural site of the Esselen Indians, later as a historic resort site, and now the locale of the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, which carries on the 1,000 year-old tradition of monastic zen training. Threatened central coast steelhead migrate all the way from the Pacific Ocean up the Salinas and Arroyo Seco Rivers to spawn in Tassajara Creek’s high quality habitat. The creek also supports one of the few Central Coast populations of the sensitive foothill yellow-legged frog.”