Rio Tlalnepantia, Mexico City, Mexico


Cousins Julianne Ingles (painter and writer) and Miguel Angel Salcedo Peiniger show their visiting Godmother Lois Long the waterways of the Rio Tlalnepantla.

The Rio Tlalnepantla (whose name comes from Nahuatl, the Aztec language, means “in the middle of the earth” from tlalli, earth, and nepantla, in the middle), is the river we are bringing to the world’s attention. It is a small but historically significant river, that forms as many small creeks (the largest of which is the San José arroyo or creek) collecting water from the forested mountains lining the northwest edge of Mexico City merge into a mountain valley that is now the Madin Dam. The Tlalnepantla river has historically channeled clean mountain water into the city.