Unetice Creek, Prague, Czech Republic

All photography by the wonderfully talented and inspiring Czech photographer Jan Pohribny. The young women are his American photography students from the Prague Summer Program.

This creek is in his village Unetice which is just outside of Prague. I was amazed to learn that an important historical period and culture, Únětice, is named after this small village. It´s due to the excavations carried out in 1879 by local doctor and amateur archeologist Čeněk Rýzner on Holy Vrch (bare hill) that overlooks Únětice. It was here that he uncovered 56 graves dating from the late bronze age (roughly from 200 to 1500 BC) .
In later years, far bigger and more important sites were discovered in the near locality and elsewhere in Central Bohemia. You can read more here. —
Annie Syed ( Facilitator in reaching this flowing water while in Prague on a writing sabatical and meeting new friends.)