Wos River, Ubud, Bali


Valerie Baciek and Nate Shuttleworth journey to explore and document the work of local artisans in Ubud, Bali.

The Nyuhkuning village is a community of artisans and craft makers especially known for their paintings and woodcarvings. The Wos River is a special place for the community to gather. This is where they come to bath both body and spirit, wash clothing, gathering drinking water and rest the mind. I chose this river because of the link between the community and the artistic spirit. Ubud is known for it?s many artisans including fine woodcarvers, painters, silversmiths, furniture makers and it?s many textile creations. Everyone, and I mean every single person is truly an artist. There is a definite presence that co-exists between the Balinese people, their art and the Divine. The Divine is celebrated at every moment because the Balinese people understand the link between body and soul. Water is a very important element to this co-existence, as it is ever present. The rice fields depend on it, as does the forest. Water is used during important temple ceremonies to cleanse the spirit. And more importantly, many of the temples are located on or near water.

Lee, I believe that World Rivers is a very important project. I am so happy that the Balinese spirit can be apart of this. Terima kasih.