Nam Mae Kok, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mae Nam Kok, or The Kok River, is a major tributary flowing through northern Thailand into the Mekong River.

6th Grade students, from the Lanna International School in Chiang Mai Thailand, took an adventure to the river’s edge to dip cloth. Students learn about their region’s ecosystem and the life it sustains.

The Mae Nam Kok emerges from the hills of Burma’s Shan State at Tha Ton and then winds across the wooded hills of Chiang Rai Province to empty into the Mekong River just south of Chiang Saen town.

 1955 friends on the Mae Kok RIver

1966 flooding of the Mae Kok River:

Mae Wang Falls, Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Stacey Family visits Mae Wang Falls, an important source of water for many rivers, including the Mae Wang river.