Blue Nile, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


Blue Nile Barhir Dar, Ethiopia. Briana Harper visits the Blue Nile Falls while working in Ethiopia for a year.

I read the World Rivers blog on my way out to the Blue Nile Falls. It reminded me of growing up surrounded by insightful artists and having a deep appreciation for everything that surrounds me and the graciousness displayed through art, literature, discussion, tradition and ritual. These values were the foundation of my childhood and continue to inspire my life. As I read your thoughts and your journey through the World Rivers project I felt connected to you and the other powerful women of my life. I have always been excited about your projects but you have given me a chance to be a tiny part of something powerful and beautiful. I am gleeful! I am no artist and aesthetic creativity is not my strong suit, but you and the family of the Ritual Meal Group have given me a creative mindset and always support its application into a more practical and classic lifestyle. I miss this artistic appreciation for my surroundings and people that let me enjoy the deeper meaning of water, oxygen, and the grace of God’s love.