The Motoyasu, Kamo, and Sumida River, Japan

A kimono belt stretches and scurries about to touch three rivers.


The Motoyasu River, Hiroshima, Japan


The Kamo River, Kyoto, Japan




The Sumida River, Tokyo, Japan

Photographs by artist, Paul Fortin

Yodogawa River, Osaka, Japan


Artist Mengdi Li visits her place of birth. Yodogawa River is often referred to as the Yodo River.

I choose Yodogawa River because it ‘s the largest river in the city I live and I crossed the river everyday when I went to school. I was happy to participate in this project. I like that it ‘s a collaboration with people around the world who I ‘ve never met. and by participating in the project brought me a common sense with the others. I think it ‘s interesting that water affects our lives in a similar way even when we come from different cultures.