Guadiana River, Elvas, Spain


Near southwest Badajoz, bordering Portugal. Alicia Gonzalez Chaves with photography by Sherry Di vito. The broken bridge is called “Puente Ajuda”.

River Thames, United Kingdom


Central city of London. De Grey purchased at Alexander Furnishings on Wigmore Street, where the shopkeeper expressed interest in being updated on the project.


The Mulgum River, Nimbin, Australia



Far Northern New South Wales, an area known as The Northern Rivers.  Sandra Joran added stitching of her own mandala art into the fabric. The town of Nimbin is sister city to Woodstock in USA.

I live in an area known as The Northern Rivers. In Far Northern New South Wales. The town is called Nimbin (sister city to Woodstock in USA). I collect rain water for drinking and ground water from the dam. It is Summer here and hot with good rain falls. I live in a semi rainforest area on 15 acres, in the middle of a jungle!!!! We just installed another tank for our drinking and water usage. This was a lot of work and took more of my time up. But it is clean, sweet tasting drinking water. The ‘Water Is Life’ billboard photo didn’t come out as we were moving fast along the freeway. I have a photo of “The Drain Is Just For Rain – Our Environment Is A Living Thing”. As well as 6 River Poles (power poles) colorfully painted by various artists from around this area about keeping our rivers clean by reducing pollution and run-off from the streets. The art was inspired by the late environmental activist and architect, Hundertwasser.


Onon River, Binder, Mongolia



Onon River, Binder, Mongolia; North eastern Mongolia, near the Siberian boarder.
Lee Tracy artist and photos, with photographs of Lee and the horses taken by Patricia Evans.