The Chache River, Illinois, USA

Kevin Veara, Diane Deleonardo, Casey Muncy-Deleonardo, Leigh Deleonardo, and Haley Deleonardo Walker stroll together as a family in the woods that is a precious part of each of their childhoods.

Fox River, Illinois, USA


Alice Van Housen with photography by Thomas Van Housen. The dog in the photos is Monberg, he is from Denmark.

I have had a lot of river images/messages since I found out I had breast cancer in early July [2006.] I am having the IV chemo now, only four treatments and then 7 weeks of radiation, then five years of hormone pills. It’s not as bad as it sounds. It was early and small and I almost escape chemo altogether. I’ve had a lot of powerful things happen and a lot of gratitude, and the river messages are all part of that. I was having them before I got your first email, which just enhanced the whole thing. Among other things, I identify with a friend who had cancer two years ago who said “the gift of cancer, which nobody tells you, is that it opens up your river of compassion.

Then I planted a river birch tree (which I’d been wanting to do ever since we moved out here by a river) and got an email from my niece that she has a river birch leaf tattooed on her spine.


The embroidering will help me stay in flow, which is very important right now.
[Alice is embroidering each fabric with the name of the river, location and date. Thanks and graditude to Alice for her wonder and kindness!]

The Mississippi River, Minnesota, USA


Three generations, Carol Weber Rohde, Brooke Dierkising and Magdalena Holtz visit the Mississippi River. The site is the Blandin Paper Company which is owned by UPM Kymmene, based in Finland.

Things just stood still
we shared this moment
Connecting community
with this art project,
all rivers and the natural world
Grandmother, mother, daughter
like the river
we carry, cleanse, provide
a journey